INSTA-COFFEH: She won’t stop licking my arm

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Kuroko no Basuke Kitties - Generation of Miracles (pusheen)

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“hey sorry i was busy” kidding i was watching my fave tv show and u interrupted rude




…and this weeks award for brilliant gif use….

I have been laughing at this for the past 5 minutes.

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Two face

Two face

One face

One face


booty had me like


booty had me like

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You said that one has gotta be okay with the way one looks. But then why do you,like a lot of girls, wear make up,wigs,high heels,push-up bras-making your body something it's not? Seems hypocritical..

The body you live in isn’t something that can be just taken off at the end of the day. It’s something you inhabit every single day of your life and if you aren’t comfortable in it, it does a lot to you emotionally. When I take off my makeup and my high heels and look at myself in the mirror, do I feel satisfied with who I am without all of it? It’s one of those beasts in the basement we have to bring out and talk to sometimes.

Some days I wear high heels but most days I don’t. Some days I wear makeup. Some days I wear wigs. I do it all for me and I love being able to have variety in how I look. Everyone does and I personally believe people should be able to wear whatever they want to express themselves without the scrutiny or judgement of what another person can or can’t do to design themselves as an individual.

This isn’t about sex or gender. The question is are you hiding behind makeup? Do you wear big t-shirts and baggy jeans to school every day to hide what your body looks like? Do you “need” them to feel comfortable? These are questions that apply to everyone, not just women.

Here’s the truth of it all: There is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about any of these things until they directly tie into your self worth. Wear what you want and do what you want FOR YOURSELF.

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