Oh man I spent WAY too long on these but they were so fun <3


Part 1: Draw yourself as an anime character in whatever you are wearing RIGHT NOW.


So this one is pretty simple. Tore up jeans and my wrestling sweatshirt. I added the tail for funsies <3 

Part 2: Draw yourself as the opposite sex. Choose your own clothing.

Since my clothes were already boyish, I figured I would draw boy!me in kind of a variation on my original outfit. I figured I would probably still be on the small side as a dude…and the hair was REALLY fun to draw haha

Part 3: Draw the evil version of yourself. 

Oh goodness I was NOT sure what to do with this for the longest time. At first I thought

"evil!me would probably have brown hair and really feminine clothing and big boobs and whatever"

but then I felt like it would be more fun to draw myself how I look but with a totally different personality. THUS evil!me is very structured with her uniform (still based on the first outfit and with the skull of course) and cleancut hair. She’s also perpetually angry. When I was trying to decide if she would have frosted pieces in her hair or not, it occured to me that of course she would frost her tail. All proper foxes have sleek, light-tipped tails after all.

WHEW. Feels good to finish that <3333 You guys should try it! The evil one especially is fun to think about.

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