If you could brainwash a fellow Youtuber for a full 24 hours where they will remember nothing of their past lives and will listen to whatever you say, who would you choose and what would you do with them? Given that after the 24 hours everything will come back to them and remember everything you made them do and probably hate you for it. :P

Okay okay. Stick with me here.

I would use it on Rawn. Here is why.
Rawn is definitely strong enough to effectively kidnap. I would have him kidnap all of the LA Youtubers (besides me) and place them in a sealed room. In the room would be millions of pillows. Rawn would instruct them to have a pillow fight to the death.
Fortunately, it’s very hard to kill in a pillowfight unless you count in asphyxiation and it took a long time to kidnap everyone anyway. Rawn would snap out of it just as the police arrived, trying desperately to explain that I made him do it with my superpowers. Of course no one would believe him and most-likely, no one in the Pillow Fight To The Death would be seriously hurt. It would be a famous, ridiculous part of YouTube legend. I would have recorded all of it and the only one who knew I was actually involved is now behind bars for mass kidnap.

One day, others involved would question why I was absent…but that can be taken care of at another time.

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