This is fairly easy now that I think about it…

Husky would be my “Hand”, a la Game of Thrones, and advise me on how to deal with dummies.

Ro would be my handmaiden but we would basically just hang out and do wtfever kinda like Gwen and Morganna in season 1 of Merlin.

TB would be captain of the guard and just verbally bitchslap people all day.

Warp Zone would be my quirky but loyal knights that try to start shenanigans while TB isn’t looking but they always get caught.

Jesse would be my jester who everyone thinks is dumb but he’s actually smarter than most of us.

JonTron would be in charge of all of the messenger birds and his ranting can be heard from the tower for miles.

TradeChat would be my royal sorceress (hobviously I need one of those)

Crendor would be my philosopher.

Day9 would by my mathematician who at some point shows his usefulness in strategy and becomes Husky’s trusted bro.

Oh god I can think of so many more. Okay I need to stop this is getting too detailed.

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